Welcome to the resource page for cardiac imaging professionals

Scientific Publications: Relevant scientific journals

QUAD Partners: Companies that license QUAD software

Professional Societies: Various imaging and cardiology organizations

Medical Imaging Software: Viewing and processing software, libraries

Scientific Publications

These are the journals where most research relevant to (nuclear) cardiac imaging is published. Access to journal contents may require a personal or institutional subscription. Journals are listed in acronym alphabetical order.

Professional Societies

The professional societies listed below provide useful resources, and most organize scientific meetings where cutting-edge developments are presented. Attending conferences is an excellent way to stay up-to-date and earn medical education credits (CME).
Intersocietal Accreditation Commission : Nuclear/PET (formerly ICANL) Standards for Nuclear Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine, and PET Accreditation Reimbursements and Payment Policies

Medical Imaging Software

This section contains links to tools that you may find useful. They include image viewers, conversion tools, and programming toolkits geared towards the implementation of image processing applications. Some of these applications are free, while some require purchasing or licensing.
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[FREE] A full-fledged C++ toolkit for DICOM development, includes image and networking components, as well as structured reporting, etc…
[LICENSE] A programming language and toolkit for data analysis and visualization.
Kitware’s ITK
[FREE] An open-source, cross-platform system providing an extensive suite of software tools for image analysis, including segmentation and registration.
Kitware’s VTK
[FREE] The visualization counterpart to ITK, also open-source.
The Mathworks’ Matlab
[LICENSE] An excellent tool for computation and rapid prototyping.
David Clunie’s Medical Image Format Site
[FREE] David Clunie’s web site contains a wealth of information about medical image formats, as well as exhaustive DICOM documentation including the current standard documents and change proposals. There are also free software tools for DICOM.
[FREE] Public domain JAVA image processing and analysis software. Includes a plugin architecture.
[FREE] Open-Source PACS workstation and DICOM viewer for Apple Mac OS X systems. An FDA 510k-cleared version is available for a fee from Pixmeo.

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