Feature Showcase

Cedars-Sinai Cardiac Suite 2017

Version 2017 of the Cardiac Suite brings a host of new features and improvements. Here are some that you might be interested in.

QGS+QPS: Function and Perfusion in One Application

No more need to launch separate applications for function and perfusion, it’s now one program, one button to click, and QGS and QPS pages are available in one place. One of the biggest benefits? No need to load data twice. But what if you liked having separate windows for function and perfusion? Well…

Multi-Monitor Support

Split your application into as many windows as you would like, place them on any number of monitors (including one, if that’s what you have!). You can easily detach any of the pages and lay them out as you like. Next time you start the application, it will remember the positions of the windows. And if you have an amazing setup with 6 monitors (or more!), go right ahead, there is no limit to the number of monitors we support.

Improved Report Generator

Our report generator has been vastly improved with Appropriate Use Criteria, support for Blood Pool, administrative reports, and many UI enhancements.

Reconstruct and Motion-Correct from within QGS+QPS

So you have loaded your data and you don’t like the reconstruction or reorientation of the short axis datasets. Or perhaps you see some cardiac motion that should be corrected before quantitative processing. No problem, reconstruct and motion-correct any of the raw datasets directly within QGS+QPS with our built-in FBP and iterative reconstruction. Have you used a Pegasys or JetStream system before? You’ll feel right at home with our familiar interface–and if you haven’t, you’ll find out how easy to use it is.

Scalable Data Management

Our brand new data manager is more powerful than ever. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 studies, finding the patient you’re looking for is a snap. Tag patients, studies, or series. Assign studies to colleagues for reading or review. From a lightweight solution for laptops to an industrial-scale server solution for a multi-site provider, we have you covered. And it’s all designed with the nuclear cardiologist in mind–unlike so many PACS–but it works for any modality.

Myocardial Blood Flow

The QPET algorithm for absolute blood flow quantification utilizes a previously-validated model for left ventricular segmentation and contouring developed by our center and applies it to dynamic data to quantify regional myocardial perfusion and absolute regional myocardial blood flow (MBF).

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