Quantitative Blood Pool SPECT

QBS provides automatic quantitation of left- and right-ventricular function (ejection fraction, ED and ES volumes, stroke volumes) using gated blood pool SPECT images.

Quantitative Blood Pool SPECT

An interactive standalone application for the automatic segmentation and quantification of gated short axis blood pool (red blood cells, RBC), SPECT. QBS provides the following functionality:

  • Automatic generation of left- and right-ventricular endocardial surfaces and valve planes from three-dimensional (3D) gated short axis blood pool images.
  • Automatic calculation of left- and right-ventricular volumes and ejection fractions.
  • Two-dimensional (2D) image display using standard American College of Cardiology (ACC) cardiac SPECT conventions.
  • Display of projection (raw) images in static and cine mode. 2D display and 3D parametric display of gated short axis SPECT images in 1 (single), 2 (dual), 3 (triple), or 4 (quadruple) mode.
  • Display of planar images, raw projection images and snapshots (screen captures).
  • Ability to support manual identification of the left-ventricular (LV) region, to separate it from the right ventricle (RV).
  • Calculation of phase histograms from all gated images, including separate left-ventricular (LV) and right-ventricular (RV) histograms.
  • Calculation and display of first Fourier harmonic (FFH) amplitude and phase images for all gated images.
  • Computation of diastolic function metrics for the left and right ventricles including PER (peak emptying rate), PFR (peak filling rate), PFR2 (secondary peak filling rate), MFR/3 (mean filling rate over the first third of the ED to ES phase), and TTPF (time to peak filling from ES). HR (heart rate in beats per minute) is also displayed if available.
  • Ability to rotate, zoom and cine surfaces.
  • Calculation and display of polar maps representing wall motion, including FFH amplitude and phase.
  • Regional histogram-based phase calculations with several measures of inter- and intra-ventricular synchrony (mean, mode, standard deviation, full width at 10th of the maximum, and entropy).

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