Cedars-Sinai Image Data Manager

CSI, aka CSImport, allows you to transfer studies and manages the datasets on your computer. CSI has a database architecture that provides lightning-fast searching across all your studies.

DAta Management

CSI (a.k.a. CSimport) is a powerful medical image management system that maintains a local database of images and allows you to connect to remote CSI servers, DICOM Query/Retrieve servers such as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and legacy data sources such as Philips Pegasys or Odyssey systems, and FTP servers. Images can aslo be imported directly from a local disk (hard disk, CD, USB thumb drive, etc.) or a disk mapped from a remote host.

CSI gives the user the ability to maintain an arbitrary hierarchy of tags to organize the data without duplicating files. A user can for example, create a folder (really, a tag) for teaching cases with subfolders (subtags) for specific pathologies. Studies and datasets can also be flagged with a status and extended comments, all of which can be searched for across the entire image database in addition to folder/patient name, MRN, study description, etc.

In addition, the user can select data at any level and launch the cardiac applications, QGS+QPS or QBS as well as QARG. The user may process a few images, or select multiple studies to load multiple SPECT, PET, and/or CT datasets and perform serial comparisons.

CSI Server

While the single-system, standalone version of CSI is designed for use by multiple users on the same computer, but not necessarily concurrently, the CSI Server product is based on Microsoft SQL Server and allows concurrent access by a large number of users. The system, developed and in daily use at Cedars-Sinai Health System, handles hundreds of thousands of studies gracefully, making it an ideal nuclear cardiology solution for even the largest of sites.

And since both CSI and CSI Server have support for multiple sites, large sites that also read for other acquisition locations are ready to go.

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